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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cell Phones and Brain Tumors: 15 Reasons for Concern

Information Source: ElectromagneticHealth.org

Concern 1:
Industry’s own research showed cellphones caused brain tumors

Concern 2:
Subsequent industry-funded research also showed that using a cellphone elevated
the risk of brain tumors (2000-2002)

Concern 3:
Interphone studies, published to date, consistently show use of a cellphone for
less than 10 years protects the user from a brain tumor

Concern 4:
Independent research shows there is risk of brain tumors from cellphone use

Concern 5:
Despite the systemic-protective-skewing of all results in the Interphone studies,
significant risk for brain tumors from cellphone use was still found

Concern 6:
Studies independent of industry funding show what would be expected if wirelessHere is the beginning of my post.

Concern 7:
The danger of brain tumors from cellphone use is highest in children, and the younger a child is when he/she starts using a cellphone, the higher the risk

Concern 8:
There have been numerous governmental warnings about children’s use of cellphones

Concern 9:
Exposure limits for cellphones are based only on the danger from heating.

Concern 10:
An overwhelming majority of the European Parliament has voted for a set of changes based on “health concerns associated with electromagnetic fields.”

Concern 11:
Cellphone radiation damages DNA, an undisputed cause of cancer.

Concern 12:
Cellphone radiation has been shown to cause the blood-brain barrier to leak

Concern 13:
Cellphone user manuals warn customers to keep the cellphone away from the body even when the cellphone is not in use

Concern 14:
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) warning for cordless phones

Concern 15:
Male fertility is damaged by cellphone radiation

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