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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Who Is the Worst Corporate Abuser of 2010?

Do you know who will be the next winner of the Corporate Hall of Shame award? Corporate Accountability International, is an organization which has been waging winning campaigns to challenge corporate abuse for more than 30 years.

They are asking for our help. It is a simple task- make your voice heard by voting for the corporation you believe has acted the most irresponsibly. Then, pass the information along to family and friends, and ask them to vote as well. If you have a blog, post the information there. Adding the link to your Facebook page or other social network sites you belong to will also bring more people to the campaign.

Go Right to The Voting Booth...but please read on...

Last year more than 10,000 votes were cast. Big Oil polluter Exxon Mobil took the prize for stalling crucial action on climate change, and making record oil profits while externalizing its environmental costs.

"Over the years, the Hall of Shame has not only cast a light on a range of corporate abuse, it has moved corporations to cut political contributions and adopt new codes of conduct." Together, we can work to make a difference.

So by now you must be really curious as to who was nominated for this year's award? Ok, now--drum roll please---up for this year's dishonorable award are the following:

2010's Nominees for the Corporate Hall of Shame

1. bp

2. Monsanto

3. Nestle

4. Mc Donald's

5. Goldman Sachs

6. Pfizer

7. Chase

8. Chevron

9. Or Your Write In

They are definitely all worthy of induction into the Hall of Shame, but my personal favorite villain and who I voted for was Monsanto. Through the years they have acted so negligently. Monsanto’s abuses are legendary. They have been involved in destroying our food system, ranging from spreading toxic pesticides to bankrupting small farmers to fighting against labeling restrictions for genetically engineered foods. So how is all this possible? Why Monsanto, with their far reaching hands and deep pockets exploits the system by creating a revolving door between its senior leadership and the federal agencies responsible for regulating its products.

I am sure you have your own favorite among the candidates on this list.
So please take the time to cast your vote.

Our single voice alone often gets lost in the background, but collectively it sends a loud unsettling frequency through the air that can have the effect we wish to accomplish on those who hold the reins of the power to change. We must always remember- we have the power to make a difference.

Here is the link to Corporate Accountability International that will get you into the voting booth.


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