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Sunday, March 30, 2008

5 Hot Recycling Tips for E-waste


It makes me furious that electronics become obsolete so quickly. Besides the obvious downside of having to shell out more money for a new item because the old one is a dinosaur, it creates the bigger challenge of disposal. What to do with all this stuff? Well here are some great solutions I have found that will really help to keep these items out of the landfill.

This just may be a List you want to keep handy for future reference!

1. Costco's Trade-In & Recycle Program
Costco has paired with GreenSight to give it's members this option for recycling electronics. You provide the site with the details about your equipment. It gives you a trade in-value. If you accept the value, you proceed. Then they give you a free, prepaid shipping label to send the equipment to them. You get a Costco Cash card for the trade in-value. GreenSight salvages any parts that can be used and then works with others to dispose of the remains without using a landfill.

2. Green Phone
GreenPhone helps you transform your drawer full of unused cell phones into something you'd rather have like money! GreenPhone will pay you by check or via PayPal or Obopay - your choice. Check out greenphone.com for more details

3. My Green Electronics
Find Out Where to Recycle. Just want to get rid of your stuff in a responsible way? At this site, My Green Electronics, you plug in your zipcode and you will be directed to recycling sites for your items.

4. Corporate Recycling
Here is a great listing of the various companies and their recycling programs.

5. Earth Share
Now you can recycle your mobile phones, pagers or PDAs through Earth Share's partnership with the CollectiveGood Mobile Phone Recyling Program! It's easy to use, and you will be helping to support a healthier environment. Depending upon the phone model, a fixed amount per phone will be donated to Earth Share.

So next time you are done with your old electronic gadget, check out one of the options on this recycling list. I'm sure there are alot more wonderful programs out there, if you are familiar with one, post your suggestions.


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Anonymous said...

One of the solutions I’ve found that help tackle e-waste and keep existing, outdated PCs going is to go with a company called Userful. They’re huge on green computing and can use a single existing PC to power up to ten workstations at once. This is a huge way to help combat e-waste and bring outdated PCs back to life. You can find out more on this here – http://www.userful.com.