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Monday, March 24, 2008

Living Green

Here is my list of 5 Living Green sites I have come across recently that I really enjoyed...each providing alot of resources.

Take a look, get some ideas, add some of your own. As we each make a conscious effort to live more responsibly, the world changes...

  1. Big Green Purse At Big Green Purse, we believe that the fastest, easiest, most direct route to a clean and healthy environment is to shift our spending to environmentally-safe, socially responsible products and services.

  2. Green Talk This website is all about connection… Me connecting with you about my green experiences, you connection with me about yours, and others connecting with all of us to become more green.

  3. How Can I Recycle This? Tons of ideas for recycling all sorts of things...

  4. The Green Guide Comprehensive, full of tips, articles and lots of resources

  5. You Grow Girl For likeminded gardeners and even self-confessed “black thumbs.” The project's aim has always been to promote exploration, excitement and a d.i.y approach to growing plants without the restrictions of traditional ideas about gardening

Well just stumbled upon another site I would like to add..

  • LivePaths LivePaths blogs about the innovative people and companies that make money selling recycled or reused items, provide green services or help us reduce our dependency on non renewable resources.

    Have a favorite you would like to add?
    And here is the rest of it.


Anna said...

Thanks so much for the plug. Green Talk was started to create a commmunity around topics of greening your home and garden. I feel that we all can help each other to live a greener lifestyle. Great list! Anna

Roadtrippers said...

Great list the Recycle on I had not heard of before, another cool site is www.izzitgreen.com.