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Monday, March 31, 2008

Preparing to Garden- The Organic Way

Spring has finally arrived and many of us are itching to get outside and work in the soil...cleaning, clearing and preparing our garden beds for the upcoming season. I love working in the garden, but I am not a gifted gardener. So I wanted to include some great sites I found on organic gardening. If you are not a gardener, take a peek, these just might inspire you to begin some garden designing of your own!

1. Gardening with The Helpful Gardener
This site includes a lot of basic start up information on organic gardening, for those who may just be moving in this direction or who are incorporating more organic processes.

2. Veggie Gardening Tips
Veggie Gardening Tips offers gardening tips and ideas to help you create a vegetable garden that's productive and attractive. The focus is on raised bed gardening, heirloom vegetables and fruits, organic gardening techniques, and information for growing a beautiful garden that's loaded with delicious organic produce.

3. Dave's Garden
The website where friends share their triumphs and dilemmas in their home gardens and their lives. Dave's Garden is also a place for gardeners to share seeds or plants with other gardeners, and has so much to offer, you are certainly going to find something that will have you coming back daily, as well as making you proud to tell your friends and family about your new gardening home on the net

4. 2 Green Thumbs Up
This site was created for the purpose of sharing adventures about gardening and backyard living, reviewing and recommending interesting gardening and backyard living products (green whenever possible), and to attempt to raise awareness of and promote green practices in other areas of everyday life.

5. Gardening Gone Wild
Although this consortium of gardeners is more than occupied with their “day jobs,” they all have chosen to become contributors who have the desire to express our thoughts, ideas, and philosophies about gardening and the world in which we live. I love this blog!

Well, now that you have had a chance to view some of the sites out there on organic gardening, will you be joining the rest of us, as we start digging in the dirt?



Robin Plan said...

I don't believe you when you said Spring has arrived! Here in Minnesota it's snowing like crazy - will end up with 6-9 inches before it's done.

Okay on to gardening. I loved the two sites I visited. I can't wait to spend some time reading and maybe knowing what I'm doing with gardening this year. I'm a little challenged with plants but want to get better.

Happy Spring, I'm sure it looks and feels like Spring somewhere!

Susan & Scott Anderson said...

OK, Robin you caught me! Technically it is spring, although the temperatures here in PA aren't warm enough for me to venture out into the garden yet. I am preparing some pots indoors.

No one can ever say I have a green thumb, and gardening has definately been a big time lesson in patience for me, but last year, I started an Elemental Garden that was simply amazing, being led by Spirit, I was just the vehicle through which the garden unfolded..

I can't wait to get back there this year. I am inviting some friends who do not have enough room to garden to join me at our house to put in a community organic garden. So I am excited to see how this will turn out!

So just get out there, be with nature, ask for the nature spirits to guide you, you'll be surprised at what you will learn. But most of all Have Fun! Susan

MaryK said...

Hi Susan. Great post! The spring has inspired me to get out into the garden, and I love spreading the word about how therapeutic and rewarding it can be. I wrote an article about gardening in my April newsletter -- I just wish I had seen this post first as you have several wonderful organic gardening websites I didn't know about! Thank you for sharing so many wonderful ideas in your fabulous blog.

Also, I wanted to let you know that I have posted the meme that you passed along to me. It's available at: http://stellarself.typepad.com/becoming_your_stellarself/2008/04/pass-it-along.html. Thank you for including me!