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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ten Steps to Simplify Your Day


  1. Be prepared, arrive to your destination on time
  2. Limit your mult-tasking to 3 things, so you don't get too scattered
  3. Put space into your day to exercise your Emotional Side..tackling to many things at once will frustrate you and those around you
  4. Be "present" to those you speak with, look them in the eye when talkng
  5. Know what your are having for dinner, what you need, and when you will get started
  6. Time slot your day, working to accomplish what you want to get done, but know that not everything on your list will get completed, and that is just fine!
  7. Be realist about today's expectations based on yesterday's accomplishments
  8. Start things that need to be started...procrastion can create alot more headaches
  9. Set aside some time every day just for you
  10. Keep working on a problem until your come to a solution, knowing frustrations in your day are not a permanent visitor.

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