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Monday, February 18, 2008

Three Numbers You Need to Know for Your Health


I have posted this information before in a longer post that may easily get overlooked. I feel this is so important, I'm am putting it in again, but just this one piece.

It is simple. It is basic. It is empowering. Yet it is not advertised. It is not placed in areas of prominence. Very few people I know are aware of this. Even alternative health practitioner's who I would think have come across this information.

Here are the THREE IMPORTANT NUMBERS you should know when going to the grocery store:

The numbers on a fruit label actually have a meaning, and one that you want to know about.

If the first number is a 4 then it is an conventionally grown product
EX: Banana 4011
Note: All combinations of the four-digit code beginning with the numeral "4" have been used up, so new labels beginning with the numeral "3" will also be used to designate conventionally raised produce

If the first number is an 8, then it is genetically engineered
EX: Banana 84011
Produce described a "Genetically Modified" or "Genetically Engineered" means that scientists have manipulated Mother Nature’s original design of that food item. For example: scientists moved DNA from a tomato plant that doesn’t bruise easily into another tomato plant species that produces fruit that is juicy and ripens quickly. The result is a tomato species that produces juicy fruit quickly and ships well.

If the first number is an 9, then it is an organic product
EX: Banana 94011

So next time you go grocery shopping, take a good look at the PCU lables on the fruits and veggies, you will have a better idea about what you are purchasing.



Robin Plan said...

Susan I had no idea about this. Now I'll look every time I buy fresh fruit or produce. The 9 is what I'll look for, even if it's labeled organic. I don't know if eating the genetically modified is harmful to us but I do know it's not good for the soil and I don't want it in my body.

Great post, thanks much.

Susan & Scott Anderson said...

Hi Robin-It would be nice to have this info posted in all the grocery stores. I try to buy organic in most instances...I avoid GMOs, and this is a great way of knowing. Every bit of self-knowledge helps. Susan