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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Recycling Them Darn Plastic Bags


Anyone else out there have tons and tons and tons of plastic bags around the house that need to be put to good use?

The best way to deal with them is not to acquire them in the first place. But alas! I have purchased the canvas bags for the grocery store to stop collecting them, but forget more times than I remember, gotta work on that one!

  1. Line the kitty litter box with them to make disposal easier.
  2. Use them to line trash cans, household garbage/compost bins, rather than going out and buying...Yes! MORE PLASTIC BAGS.
  3. Donate your bags to the local thrift store. They will happily take them off your hands.
  4. It is good to have a few of these in the car in case you have kids who play sports...after getting off a muddy field, they can put their cleats into a plastic bag to contain the mess.
  5. Along the same line...if you go to a sporting event unprepared and the bleacher are wet from a recent rain, park you behind on a plastic bag to keep from getting damp.
  6. My goodwill bag...have a bag in the closet for depositing things you want to get rid of becuase your are decluttering but which would be a welcome addition to someone's home. Once the bag is full, drop off your donation.
  7. Also use this same idea to fill a bag with non-perishable food items that you can donate to a local charity once it fills up.
  8. If you do alot of mailing out of items, instead of buying packing to protect the items, recycle your plastic bags.
  9. I wish I had thought of this one a few weeks ago, my daughter was doing an art project for school. She was doing mosiac work and grabbed 2 of my best cleaning buckets...filled them with water and used them...needless to say my buckets need to be donated to my husband for oil changing of the cars...but if she had lined them with plastic bags I could still be using them.
  10. I have seen some really creative weaved baskets made with plastic bags.

Now I'm sure these are not any really new ideas, but just a gentle reminder of what we can do to recycle our plastic bags. So if you have any great ideas, recycle them along to be posted.

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