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Friday, February 8, 2008

Simple Solutions Don't Make Money: But Potenize Your Water Anyway!

One of my husband's favorite lines is "Simple Solutions Don't Make Money". I'd like throw another thought into the philosophical pot: Simple solutions are not given credit because they lack the razzle-dazzle of high-tech approaches. Now how's that for a clearly scientific statement!

Come on, stay with me, I have a good, simple, uncomplicated suggestion that is so easy, you may be tempted to throw it aside without going any further. But DON'T! This is powerful stuff. Set aside a few minutes to potenize or energize your water so it will provide you with multiple benefits.

I had heard about potenizing water about a year ago from a dowser named Raymond Grace, as well as realizing the importance from Dr. Emoto's work, "Messages from Water." So this got me inspired to start playing around with the idea. One experiment I did that has clear, tangible results was to potenize water for plants that I had rooting. I did this six months ago. I put the cuttings into a vase of filtered water, then added several drops of potenized water. That's it! The vase of water with the cuttings looks the same today that it did 6 months ago- crystal clear. No yuck, guck, or little floaties in the water. No discoloration. No film on the glass. Just a crystal clear vase with my cuttings. This is truly amazing!


  • Use a bottle or container of water as your mother bottle that you will start with. The better the original source, the better your results. (what I'm saying is don't start out with a contaminated water source)
  • Hold the bottle close to your heart, and with your eyes closed, really connect with the water, you will remain in this position throughout the entire process
  • Open your heart center and visualize the energy of unconditional love coming from your heart and filling the water.
  • Express your love for the water.
  • Give thanks to the water...be sure to express the reasons you are giving gratitude... for all the ways we use water throughout our lives
  • Then ask the water to release all trauma and tragedy it may be holding onto that has flowed through it's being
  • Ask the water to raise its vibrational rate and frequency to the highest level possible
  • Ask the water to adjust to the appropriate surface tension of the person using it
  • Ask the water to cleanse all waste materials from whatever it is added to
  • Add your own personal healing intention into the water
  • Ask the water to retain the memory of each of these requests, so that once a drop or more of this water is added to any other water source, it is equal to or exceeds the properties of the original source.
  • End by once again expressing your deep gratitude and love for the water.

This becomes your mother bottle. You can now add a drop or two to whatever other water source you are using. Once the bottle begins to get low, add more water or better yet, start the process all over again. And each time you pick up your mother bottle, remember to smile and send love and gratitude to the water! Do not drink the entire bottle of water, you may have some very strong detoxing effects.


  • Drinking
  • Preparing Food
  • Bathing
  • Cleaning
  • Doing laundry
  • Gardening
  • Detoxing
  • Add to local water sources: streams, creeks, rivers, etc
  • Give a bottle to a friend
  • Teach others how to do this

The list is endless. Let me know if you try this, what you have done and what you're results are.

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