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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Geopathic Stress Affecting Sleep

Geopathic stress, is a natural phenomenon which affects certain places and can be damaging to our health, especially in areas where we spend alot of our time, like our beds. It is wise to be aware of some of the signs and symptoms that can occur when we find ourselves continually unable to get a good night's sleep. It just might be an indicator that we are bathing ourselves in a geopathically stressed area.

  1. Refusal to go to bed. Opposition against going to bed.
  2. Insomnia. Unable to fall asleep for hours.
  3. Nightmares. Feelings of a “presence” in the bed.
  4. An aversion to certain spots in the bed.
  5. A feeling of “falling out” of bed.
  6. Sleepwalking.
  7. Night sweats. Also feeling cold or shivering in bed.
  8. Waking up tired most mornings. Fatigue and apathy.
  9. Nausea in the morning, even vomiting.
  10. Despondency, stress, depression.
  11. Frequent crying upon waking up in the morning.
  12. Rapid heart beat while lying still in bed. Cramps.

For more information on Geopathic Stress, read Are You Sleeping in a Safe Space?


Healthy Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle said...

Interesting. Never heard of before!

Susan Anderson said...

It is amazing how much better you can sleep if this is a condition affecting your bedroom and it is corrected. My husband and I did an energy clearing at a home over a year ago, their young son was having nightmares almost daily, to the point that the parents were taking turns sleeping with him. After the clearing, all nightmares stopped..one factor was the GS running right through his bed...